Speaking at Dreamforce 2015 - Leveraging UX In Marketing

During Dreamforce I hosted a breakout session--an honest dialogue around Marketing UX and how to overcome some of the internal challenges to convince others to believe in data & research driven design.

Leveraging UX In Marketing

Denis Griffith, Head of Marketing UX at Salesforce walks through today’s user-centric design trends--credibility, engagement, and conversations. Marketing success is now measured well before the point-of-sale and far beyond the click-through. UX practitioners in advertising agencies and in-house marketing departments must justify any decision on usability against ROI and Key Performance Indicators (KPI). A good experience not only depends on conversions, but great UX really hinges on creating meaningful handshakes with customers to impress for life. In this breakout session you'll see a case study around qualitative testing informing priorities for A/B testing the new Salesforce Prospect Homepage.


Less Worrisome (the story behind my first Spotify playlist)

This year, 2015, intensely struck me as a big year of transitions--fighting a duality of filmmaker along with a leader in the digital marketing space. 

While sitting out here on my parent's Midwestern porch, I decided to make a playlist to chip away at all the worry and chaos left back home waiting for me when I return for bovines, cornfields, and butterflies.

You can follow my modern day mixtape here.